The Road to Accreditation 2020

Accreditation 2020Since 2007, Empower Simcoe is proud to be accredited with the Council on Quality and Leadership, an organization dedicated to the definition, measurement, and improvement of personal quality of life. CQL provides accreditation, training, certification, research, and customized consultation services to organizations and systems that share their vision of dignity, opportunity, and community for all people.

In December of 2016, Empower Simcoe received validation of its great work and ongoing commitment to provide quality services and supports. Consultants from CQL reviewed Empower Simcoe’s Shared Values and Basic Assurances and determined that Empower Simcoe was 100% in all areas. The consultants spent time listening, meeting, and observing the agency and felt confident that Empower Simcoe supports people with the Personal Outcome Measures approach and philosophy. The result of that visit; Empower Simcoe was awarded its current 4-year Accreditation from CQL.

Accreditation 2020Over the last four years, Empower Simcoe has had an 18 month and 36 month review. As stated by CQL, “Empower Simcoe is to be commended on the progress made in moving forward with its Long Term Goals developed by its leadership. The organization is recognized for its efforts to maintain the Basic Assurances® and continue to enhance the use of the Personal Outcome Measures® for planning for people and the organization.”

Our Empower Simcoe Strategic Plan incorporates strategies outlined in the Person Centered Excellence Plan launched in 2016. Empower Simcoe’s commitment to Personal Outcome Measures’ Basic Assurances, and Shared Values are the underlying work we do. Each month Empower Simcoe CEO Claudine Cousins shares Strategic Plan updates, sector news and information, and employee profiles to the agency’s internal website.Accreditation 2020

According to CQL, “We look forward to re-engaging with Empower Simcoe when its current term of CQL Accreditation is completed in December 2020.” As our fourth term nears, Empower Simcoe is committed to this continuing partnership with the Council of Quality and Leadership well into the future.