RentSmart Certificate Course

The RentSmart Certificate course is a housing education workshop for anyone having a difficult time finding or maintaining their housing. Whether there are struggles finding a new home, you’re going through an eviction, looking to learn more about rights responsibilities as a tenant and for the landlord, or having a tough time making rent, this course may be for you. RentSmart can help by giving you the skills and knowledge needed to overcome these challenges. The course also delves into the following housing topics.

Maintenance do’s and don’ts

Meeting a landlord’s interests

Preventing and addressing problems with roommates and neighbors

Accessing community resources like financial assistance and affordable housing

Housing search skills

Landlord responsibilities and expectations

Preventing an eviction and understanding the eviction process

Budgeting and keeping housing affordable

Housing safety

Structure of the Course

The course is delivered through a mix of online meetings with other students and independent study. During the online meetings you will have the opportunity to discuss the above topics as part of a group and ask specific questions of the Housing Workers. There will be a total of four meetings through zoom lasting one and a half hours each. Outside of these meetings you will have homework to complete on your own time in preparation for the next meeting. Meetings will be held in the afternoons on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The entire course will take about one week to complete.


After completing the course, you will receive the RentSmart Certificate of completion. This certificate can be used in place of or in addition to a reference by demonstrating to landlords that you have invested time in learning how to be exceptional tenant.


For more information or to register contact a housing associate at or phone (705)739-0485.