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Expanding Therapeutic Horizons: Empower Simcoe Introduces Snoezelen Room for Children Ages 0-7

Empower Simcoe is delighted to announce a significant expansion of its Snoezelen Room offerings with the introduction of a specially curated space designed for children ages 0-7 at the Barrie EarlyON Child & Family Centre. This marks a milestone in our commitment to providing inclusive and therapeutic environments for individuals of all ages and abilities.

sensory brainUnlocking Serenity for Young Minds:

Our current Snoezelen Rooms, located at 40 Fraser Court in Barrie and 35 West St. N. in Orillia, have been a haven of tranquility for individuals seeking sensory exploration and relaxation. Now, with the addition of a dedicated space for young children, we aim to extend the therapeutic benefits to an even broader audience.

Affordable Booking Made Easy:

Our online booking service ensures a seamless and convenient process for reserving your Snoezelen Room session, available 24/7. Understanding the importance of accessibility, we have maintained an affordable pricing structure for Snoezelen sessions, with our Barrie EarlyON Snoezelen Room charging $25 per 30-minute time slot for children ages 0 – 7.

Guidance and Support:

Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff will continue to be on-site, providing orientation and assistance as needed. Whether you are a first-time user or a returning visitor, our team is here to ensure that your Snoezelen Room experience is fulfilling and enjoyable.

Embark on a Journey of Relaxation:

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance the well-being of your young ones through the therapeutic power of the Snoezelen Room. Reserve your 30-minute slot today and embark on a journey of relaxation, sensory exploration, and rejuvenation.

For more information, click the link below or get in touch by phone (705-792-7878) or email ( We look forward to welcoming your children to the newest Empower Simcoe Snoezelen Room!