An Announcement from CEO Bill Silk on Accreditation for SCS

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I am pleased to announce that Simcoe Community Services has received a 4 years Accreditation from the Council on Quality and Leadership. They have reviewed our Shared Values and Basic Assurances and have determined that we are 100 % in all areas. They spent time this week, listening, meeting and observing the agency and feel confident that all areas of the agency supports people with the Personal Outcomes Measures approach and philosophy.

This past week I had the opportunity to spend time with community partners, family members, people supported and many staff members. It is the words of a mother of an 18 month boy supported in the infant development program that will remain with me. As we sat together talking about how people feel about our agency and what people envision for the future, the mother commented, “ I get it, this is about building a better future for my son.“ This comment speak volumes and really captures the importance of the whole accreditation process, how important it is to stop, look at where you are and listen to the “customer“ as to what is important to them.

The Council on Quality and Leadership has left but the energy and inspiration they ignited this past week remains.

Thank you to all as this is a reflection of how everyone at Simcoe Community Services has embraced the Personal Outcomes Measures approach and philosophy.

bill silk

Bill Silk
Simcoe Community Services

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