Who Can Participate In The Housing First Program?

The Simcoe County Regional Housing First Program is available to people who:

  • Are currently experiencing homelessness
  • Meet the definition of chronic homelessness (link definition);
  • Have been assessed having a high level of acuity (link to common assessment tool)
  • Live in Simcoe County, and
  • Have been added to the By-Name List (link overview of BNL)

How to determine if the Simcoe County Regional Housing First Program is the right program for you:

  • Are you currently experiencing chronic homelessness? (link definition)
  • Are you interested in receiving intensive case management (link case management definition) services and meeting with a Housing First Case Manager at least once a week?
  • Are you interested in finding safe affordable housing?
  • Are you interested in setting housing goals and working toward those goal?