Early Literacy Booklets

Early Literacy: Building Healthy Brains Booklets

The Early Literacy: Building Healthy Brains booklets below have been designed and produced by the Early Literacy Specialist for the Simcoe County EarlyON Child and Family Centres.

Each booklet contains information to support you in your role as a parent/caregiver/early learning professional through the rich early learning experiences that you will see encouraged within.

Activity suggestions, tips and tricks, strategies for skill building, and much, much more—all of which foster early literacy and healthy brain development!

Click on the booklet below that you are curious about to download, or, flip through the e-book!

If you have questions or comments about any of the booklets or the information within, please email the Simcoe County Early Literacy Specialist at earlyliteracy@empowersimcoe.ca

Infant Early Literacy Booklet Thumbnail
Infant Early Literacy Booklet
Toddler Early Literacy Booklet
Toddler Early Literacy Booklet
Preschool Early Literacy Booklet Thumbnail
Preschool Early Literacy Booklet
School-Aged Early Literacy Booklet Thumbnail
School-Aged Early Literacy Booklet
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