About Our Infant and Child Development Program

Who We Support

  • Families with infants or young children who have a developmental delay or are at high risk of experiencing a development delay
  • Ages zero to school-entry
  • Resident of Simcoe County

What To Expect

An Infant and Child Development Worker will connect with you to:

  • Identify the child’s and family’s strengths + needs.
  • Develop a Family Service Plan, focusing on the family’s goals and include specific activities that address the child’s developmental needs.
  • Link to and connect with a variety of professional services offered through the Early Intervention System as needed. These could include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech/language services, social work services, and/or behavioural intervention.
  • Co-ordinate services in order to provide a team approach.
  • Assist with accessing funding resources that your child may be eligible for.
  • Connect you with parenting supports in your local community.
  • Transition to school support.
Infant Development Simcoe

Resources for Parents: Baby Bytes

The Simcoe County Infant and Child Development Program has developed a series of topics related to child development entitled Baby Bytes.