Early Years Check-In tool

EarlyON Check-In ToolSimcoe Community Services EarlyON Child and Family Centres are participating in a research study with the University of Toronto which is examining the use of the Early Years Check-In tool in selected Early Childhood settings across Ontario.

What Is It?

The EYCI is a tool which supports parents to note any concerns they have related to their child’s development. The tool includes 10 developmental areas as well as overall development. The EYCI supports conversations between parents and Program Facilitators regarding their child’s development. It can be a starting point to ensure parents have the necessary tools to promote growth across all areas of development.

Conversations about child development that happen when a child is very young support parents to be informed about their child’s development, take steps to support their child’s development when they have concerns and intervene early if more support is needed. Research tells us that the earlier we act when there are concerns about a child’s development the better chance the child has to develop to his or her full potential.

Have questions?

Talk to a Program Facilitator about the Early Years Check–In tool or go to the Early Years Check-In website which will provide you with more information and link you to the Play&Learn website which is full of activities and ideas to support healthy child development.