Welcome to the new Empower Simcoe

Why Rebrand?

Through the brand audit process, it was verified that there is confusion stemming from the words “Simcoe Community Services” as this is wrongly associated with services provided by the County of Simcoe.  As community needs change and programming evolves, our name and brand need to be elastic and scalable to grow with the organization; hence the name change.

Our past website was designed around programs and services that we delivered and not from the lens of the audience which made it hard to understand and navigate.  Our new “customer-first” perspective allows the user to have a more intuitive approach to the site.

Empower Simcoe is derived directly from our brand strategy.  It is a literal translation of our Mission Statement “Empowering people to lead a meaningful and inclusive life”.  It is inspirational and action-oriented and speaks to our messaging of improving the quality of all lives and self-fulfillment – which is directly tied to our Purpose and Vision.

BE – Be yourself.   This speaks to life; vitality and self-awareness.​

BELONG – Be a part of our community. We are a social and inclusive community. Everyone is welcome. Come as you are.​

THRIVE – Better yourself. Be empowered to lead a more self-fulfilling life.​

These three words are foundational and build upon each other. You cannot BELONG without BEING yourself. You cannot THRIVE without BELONGING to an inclusive and supportive community.

Empower Simcoe Tagline
Empower Simcoe responds to community needs through inclusive supports and services that enhance the quality of all lives. As an organization dedicated to service, we work mindfully to empower individual goals, while treating everyone with respect and dignity.
Our mission is to empower people to lead a full and inclusive life, by providing the highest quality of services. We are a welcoming organization that provides everyone with the opportunity to Be, Belong, and Thrive.
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