Spiritual (Expression) – Indigenous EarlyON

Expression – We all learn best when we can express ourselves effectively in different ways…Through our bodies, with materials and/or with words.


The link between traditional knowledge and Indigenous cultural expression is so powerful. Traditional knowledge is passed down from one generation to the next, most commonly done orally. There is so much knowledge out there to share with our younger generations to link them back to our ancestral ways of life.  We need to empower those elders, knowledge keepers, grandparents to share their ways of life. We have been so disconnected from our ancestral ways that our children are feeling the impacts of it on many levels.  It is important to empower our children and youth to share and be proud of their identity. Some forms of cultural expression could be through song, grabbing your hand drum to accompany that song. We can share stories through storytelling, arts, designs and crafts.

Header image source: The Government of Canada. (2018). National Indigenous Peoples Day. Government of Canada