Webinar Links – Family Relief Program

On December 5, 2018 Simcoe Community Services and The Children’s Treatment Network were pleased to host Cheryl Wiles Pooran, a disability and employment lawyer from PooranLaw who delivered an in-person information and training session for people and families engaging workers for support.

Employment law in Ontario is in a state of flux. Last year Bill 148 was passed, which had a big impact on all employers and workers across the province. Now the law is changing again. Bill 47 is new legislation affecting wages, leaves of absence, scheduling, and even how families engage support workers from the community. The session reviewed:

· The most significant aspects of the new employment standards legislation for families in the DS Sector;

· How you determine whether these obligations apply to your relationship with your worker;

· What your responsibilities are to a worker who is an independent contractor or an employee;

· What steps you can take to protect your loved one with a disability and your family, and ensure positive relationships with your workers; and

· Free resources to help you manage your worker relationship and ensure compliance with the law.

About the Guest Speaker: Cheryl Wiles Pooran
Cheryl Wiles Pooran, PooranLaw

Cheryl Wiles Pooran is an experienced human rights, labour and employment lawyer whose practice is dedicated to serving people with disabilities, their families and not-for-profit organizations in the social, disability and developmental service.